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teammordor's Journal

Team Mordor
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Team Mordor

Welcome to teammordor, the most evil best team in themiddleearth.

themiddleearth is an interactive challenge community for fans of The Lord of The Rings. If you would like to join, please submit an application here.

Your team leaders are reallyally, luinorne, & mesmerising.
Please feel free to send them a PM if you have any questions/problems.


1. Team Mordor is a part of themiddleearth. You must submit an application and be accepted to the team in order to join.
2. All Rules from themiddleearth apply.
3. Please be respectful at all times. No bashing or trash-talking is allowed (unless it is about Team Gondor).
4. If you would like to post something to this community, please clear it with one of the mods first. You can do this by making a comment at the page-a-mod post.
5. Always use your sig banners when completing a challenge.
6. There is no rule number six.
7. Please participate in at least one challenge per week.
8. Hobbits may only be tortured on Tuesdays, but elves are always fair game.
9. Dance party attendance is mandatory.

Those who fail to adhere to these rules will be tossed into Mount Doom at the Dark Lord's pleasure.


The Middle Earth
Team Lothlórien
Team Shire
Team Gondor

Profile layout by nutty_musings
Team header, profile header, and gif made by reallyally

"Against the power of Mordor there can be no victory."